Formaldehyde on Floor Laminates

It has been 7 months since the installation of our Vista Floor Laminates. 
The creaking sound has reduced a lot.
We have managed to keep it safe from water spillage, except for the area of the MBR T&B.  Water splashed and within a weeks from installation, there is slight warping.  We had to install a shower curtain and seems to be working fine.
We keep it clean by a slightly damp cloth.  We clean it once a week only even if you can see some smudges here and there.

What I want to share now is that since the installation, the health condition of my family has been affected.  Before, I and my mother rarely get colds and flu while my DH and DD seem to have stuffy nose all the while.  After the installation, I had colds, cough, flu for 3 long weeks! Something that never happens to me.  My mother also had flu.  Okay so maybe it was just due to the cold "ber" winds.  We were feeling better for sometime during the Christmas holidays.  I had two more bouts with flu in January and March.  The kids weren't spared.  They both had tonsillitis with rashes all over the body.  DD was even hospitalized.  DS had the same symptoms but we opted not to hospitalize him as DD was well after a day in the hospital.

One of those who inquired about my simple kitchen makeover warned me about using floor laminates.  "Carcinogenic" was the warning.  Floor Laminates have Formaldehyde (pressed wood products like plywood, panelling, particleboard and fiberboard emit formaldehyde). Some individuals may experience adverse effects from inhaling Formaldehyde such as watery eyes; burning sensations in the eyes, nose, and throat; coughing; wheezing; nausea; and skin irritation. Some people are very sensitive to formaldehyde, whereas others have no reaction to the same level of exposure.  These are the known short-term effects while long-term is linked to several types of cancer.

I have tried to get a laboratory conduct Indoor Air Quality test in my home but the company is just not responding to my request for a quote.  There are formaldehyde testers for sale on the net but I am doubting their reliability.

I do not want to stress myself too much about this.  It can be just a coincidence.  I put my trust in the Lord.  Hey, even the dishwashing liquid is said to be carcinogenic...what else is not nowadays?

Please say a little prayer for my whole family. 


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